Web and Graphics Design

The criteria for good web design depends on the person or the type of business. Personal websites are usually straight-forward when it comes to information and categories. These websites can be a blog, an online resume and such. On the other hand, Business websites are a bit complex in terms of structure and needs careful consideration in showcasing your products or services.  The use of proper menus and sub-menus is essential in the development of these websites as well as appropriate graphics designs to improve the overall appearance of the website.


That said there are some established conventions that you are advised to follow to ensure that your completed site has as wide a reach as possible. When you are designing your website, especially these days, you have to be constantly conscious of the fact that there are numerous browsers and numerous devices that people may use to access your website. No longer do people browse the Internet just through their PCs and laptops; there are many handheld devices that can directly connect to the Internet and enable people to browse your website; people can even browse your website using their mobile phones. 

At Safeline Media, we create websites that are easy to use, Google-friendly and no intensive codings are required. Our CMS websites are designed in WordPress which is known for its user and mobile-friendly platform.

Our Website Design Package includes:

  • Free theme of your choice
  • Free Hosting
  • Graphics for the website
  • 1 email account with your domain
  • Technical Support
  • Directory Submission
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