Animal welfare is a serious issue not just in Australia but around the globe. There are just too many cases of people who abuse and hurt animals. It’s not always clear why someone would do this, but it still happens. Society should not leave animal care to the government or to the police. Pets and wild animals can’t speak for themselves, so it’s up to the people to speak for them.

It makes no sense for people to adopt animals just to abuse them. There are plenty of ways to help these animals. The easiest way would be to just donate to animal welfare organizations, but they need volunteers just as bad as they need the money. There are so many animals that need help, love and attention, but not enough people to give it. The more volunteers there are the more love can be shared. Volunteers do more than just love the animals, they help find them homes. They help take the animals to adoption events, take them for walks and help them learn that human interaction is not cruel but comforting.

Volunteering at an animal welfare organization is also perfect for people who are interested in a career working with animals as a career. It gives you a chance to see what would be required on a daily basis of you, if you decided to become a vet.  Animal care volunteers are required to help out with surgeries, animal centers and to assist veterinary physicians with anything they need. This is a great opportunity for you to develop the right kind of connections and skills to join the field. Keep in mind that a lot is demanded from the volunteers because there hard work and dedications is required in the success of all animal care centers.

To top it off volunteers are given the task to help create more awareness for the issue. Everyone knows about the harsh ways some treat animals, but most are not willing to step in and help. Animal care volunteers devote their time to help the general public become more aware of what is happening.

If you love animals, then take the time to research the organizations in your community. They will most likely need your help, but be aware that it will be no walk in the park. A lot is demanded from the volunteers, but the animals love to reward them.


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