Fire, medical and disaster emergency services are all part of the State Emergency Service, or SES. The SES is an Australian volunteer organization that helps in the fight against natural disasters. Majority of the time it’s the primary response team to disasters that occur in the country. They will show up to virtually any emergency regardless what it is. The SES has responded to building, flood and storm damage and that’s not all. They have also helped out during traffic hazards and road accident rescue. The SES is well known to helping other agencies wherever they can.

Functions of the SES:

Every Australian citizen should know the functions of the SES just in case they need it, or think they can help out by volunteering.

  1. Supporting Agencies- They help out other agencies when incidents occur involving lighting, human resources, marine transport and many other services.
  2. Air Search- They fly around in helicopters watching from above to help in searches and whatever else is needed.
  3. Air Operations- The SES provides ground support for emergency aircraft operations
  4. Building Impact- Minor operations. They help with building stabilization, if a motor vehicle happens to crash into a building.
  5. Crowd and Traffic control- They assist Police officers and ambulance handle public events.
  6. Fire Support Training- Help close roads to direct traffic and evacuate people to saftey.
  7. First Aid- SES will assist the ambulance of Australia by delivering basic medical aid.
  8. Storm and Flood- They help make repairs to buildings that have been damaged, and they prepare and respond to natural disasters.
  9. General rescue skills- Remove people from disasters.
  10. Land Search- When people go missing they go out and help look.
  11. Marine Rescue- Help the Coast Guard assist boats that are having a tough time coming to shore.
  12. Road-crash Rescue- Grabbing injured people and help clearing the road.
  13. Earthquake and Tsunami response- Quickly responding to disaster events, with materials, food or anything else that is requested of them.

These are only some of the many tasks the SES has to respond too and take care of. They receive most of their funding from the government, but they receive brave men and women through volunteers. It’s the volunteers that come and help people in need of help. Keep that in mind next time you see an SES officer, and make sure to thank them.


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