Although Australia is without a doubt one of the most developed and growing nations in the world, it suffers from a variety of problems in drug culture. Many people turn to drugs as an escape or as something to do in their spare time – the reasons can be so varied – but one thing is for sure is that drug abuse is a hugely common problem in Australia. Without the right programs and support systems in place for people to turn to, it can be very difficult for people to be able to turn themselves around and leave behind their nasty habits.

If you want to help out with assisting in drug abuse situations, then many communities throughout Australia have positions available for volunteers and those eligible to council drug abusers to help out. Your community can be effected by drug problems without anybody ever really noticing, but many lives are destroyed by a reliance on substances. It does not matter what the drug is, there must be a safe haven where addicts can turn to and find an atmosphere that will provide them with the impetus they need to recover and get back to normal life.

Drug abuse is a hugely common issue for even the most successful people out there – not every drug addict is going to show clear signs of desperation and other problems. While the majority of us consider only the young and those without anything “real” to hold onto as people who could potentially be dealing from drug disorders, countless examples prove that even those who lead controlled and successful lives can be battling demons on the inside.

Australia’s youth, however, do suffer from an undertreated and underfunded part of the system. Drug abuse does not get the same attention that other disorders and issues do, and a lot of drug abusers might not even realise they have a problem to come forward about. It’s estimated that roughly 12% of people between the age of 16-24 have a problem with drug abuse and it’s vital they feel like with time they can beat these problems.

Drugs can cause mental instability, financial problems, it can affect career prospects and relationships with others – it’s one of the most difficult parts of society in Australia and without a significant program put together by volunteers and those who understand the dangers of substance abuse there is little that can be done to help those who are afflicted. If you want to help out with a volunteer system in Australia, then you can find a wealth of drug abuse charities and volunteer programs to help out in through your local area.


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